Skinny, straight, baggy, flared, boyfriend or vintage... jeans are THE superstars of our streets but also of the most glamorous parties in Paris, New York, Porto Cervo, Bali & Shanghai. 
Stilettos, clutch bags, silk scarves... and now nail lacquer will compliment your favorite denims.

2012 Collection - Rock Star, Mon Bleu, Hipster, Stone Wash

8am: Pilates - coffee & croissant, I head out in a T-shirt & sneakers, my “HIPSTER” polish matches perfectly my favorite old pair of jeans... I feel free, unique and so on top of the world - is there any better way to kick off the day?! 

Lunch at a café - snuck out of the office for him, so happy to be here, “MON BLEU” caresses his navy blue cashmere... ohlàlà! 


4pm: Retail therapy urge - I get into my skinny jeans, walk down rue Faubourg St Honoré... ironically it’s “STONE WASH” they’re checking out... now that’s a change! 

Night on the town and looking chic - black denim, the girls, “ROCK STAR” and champagne in hand... it’s party Time!
See you in the morning... 

Mon Bleu
2012 Collection