Clean Nail Polish


Leaving treatment base of the nail

10 ml


Unbelievable.The Best Seller.MUST HAVE

If you had to choose only one nail polish Kure Bazaar that would be the one...They'll tell you at Kure Bazaar and we'll confirm it at Nail Kitchen.The only base we use on our Nail Bar day after day for nail care.

The Clean base protects nails, makes them smooth and erases streaks.Its matte finish, can therefore be used by men also, it is a whiter wan than the natural color of the nail.

The nails are ready: either to receive their Kure Bazaar color, or a Dry Finish layer for a naturally beautiful and healthy nail.

Ideal before applying a dark color layer like Scandal for example.

A layer of Clean and a layer of Dry Finish for naturally perfect nails, a new French effect also: a whiter skull than the natural color of the nail, this base recovers damaged nails, jaunis....

It's the cabbage of Kure Bazaar manicures.

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