Corso 22 Satin


Corso 22 SATIN

4g Refillable Lipstick

Fini satin, comfort, shine and long lasting hold

Presented in his jewel in Jeans Brut - Jeans from the recovery of the tissue falls of Couture Houses in Italy.

The object can be refilled ad infinitum to avoid waste, because it is the future of cosmetics and our planet that is at stake. The refill is positioned in a click on the writing.The aluminum used to make it is fully recyclable ad infinitum, without waste, using only 5% of the starting energy.

Corso 22: very natural, a satin less pigmented than others in beige tones (the more discreet satin rose will be Hippie), when one wishes an alternative between the Balm and the Satin while remaining discreet.Sublime worn when you enjoy a lighter cover as well.

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