Ecological nail polish Kure Bazaar

10 ml


On the occasion of his 10-year anniversary, Kure Bazaar announced his collaboration with the French author, composer and interpreter, Clara Luciani.

Christian David: “It’s a great news.We have a lot of luck that our fates cross.As an entrepreneur, I can keep my feet on earth, but as a creator, I like to have the head in the stars.Clara is one of the brightest in the galaxy.With her, we share humanist, optimistic and joyous values.She can stage herself and love the color.She loves strong varnishes that mark her very personal and recognizable style.".

Clara Luciani: "We share the same ideals with Kure Bazaar.In 2022, it also seems to me crazy not to be concerned with ecology but not to be feminist for example.It is a duty that we all have as an individual.For me, the hand is a symbol of generosity, do we not say that we have “the hand tense toward another”?I know that Kure Bazaar is very close to the House of Women of Saint-Denis.I am myself a godmother of Marseilles.I find it beautiful that one responds in the image as well as in the ideological approach.That's what touches me.»

Clara wears the new ecological red Granada.

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