In September, the French beauty brand Kure Bazaar will move into new premises in a suite of Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme; opening its first beauty salon dedicated to nails and colour, for an experience worthy of its sumptuous surroundings.

As part of its drive to offer guests the best possible services, it was natural for Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme to add Kure Bazaar to its range of expert beauty services.


Suite 601 – The Nail Suite by Kure Bazaar: the exclusive destination for French manicure treatments
Guests can now treat themselves to beautiful hands and feet, along with other great nail rituals in an exceptional environment. Suite 601 - a veritable haven of comfort and relaxation - offers a unique beauty experience: a wide variety of treatments and considerate, personalised service in the unrivalled atmosphere of a luxury hotel.
Kure Bazaar entrusted the designer Aurélien Deleuze and Autenta's young trio of Franco-Japanese architects with the task of beautifying Suite 601 - The Nail Suite. They have created an original concept in a radical departure from the conventions of the traditional manicure environment: armchairs and pedestal tables replace the habitual French manicure tables, and foot treatments take place on platforms of Parisian stone... Such details instantly immerse guests in a precious moment of wellbeing.
Exclusive procedures
Kure Bazaar's nail beauty rituals immediately transform hands and feet with elegance, combining perfect treatments with magnificent colours for the epitome of Parisian style.
Kure Bazaar: a new beauty philosophy
Kure Bazaar, invented by Kartika Luyet, is the leading nail varnish of a new generation; combining the ethics of a new, environmentally friendly formula with the vibrant colours of Paris fashion.
Several years of research have led to a technological innovation that allows for a significant reduction in chemical substances, without compromising quality: the durability, gloss and shine of the colours are as exceptional as ever.
The exclusive Kure Bazaar formula - up to 85% of which is of natural origin based on wood pulp, cotton, maize, potato and wheat - maintains the vitality of nails by respecting their natural regenerative cycle.
Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme: a resolutely Parisian but thoroughly modern institution
Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme - a modern luxury hotel with a discerning eye for the latest trends - has appointed Kure Bazaar as the hotel's new beauty expert, due to the quality of its products and its brand commitments.
Beauty treatments for hands and feet by Kure Bazaar are a welcome addition to the range of expert beauty services available at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme.
Combining impeccable service and discretion, the refinement of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme is reflected in a multitude of details that allow each guest to feel unique.
"Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme's staff adhere to the key principles of our luxury hotel: to offer each guest the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in a contemporary luxury hotel," declares Michel Jauslin, the hotel's Chief Executive Officer.
Services by appointment
Open to hotel guests and non-residents
Private suites available (on request)
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